Council confirms purchase of key 7.6 hectare Medowie site

Medowie community champions at 38 Ferodale Road Medowie – Council’s new land purchase.


PORT Stephens Council has confirmed the purchase of land that it says will future proof Medowie and drive investment to cater for planned growth over the next 20 years.

Covering a total of 7.6 hectares, the key site identified in the 2016 Medowie Planning Strategy is located at 38 Ferodale Road, Medowie.

Port Stephens Council General Manager Wayne Wallis said the purchase of this property is a critical step in the ongoing development of Medowie.

“We know that having a well-planned town centre and high quality recreation facilities is a key priority for the Medowie community,” Mr Wallis said.

“This is an ideal location opposite Coles and Woolworths and the new development will include a mix of recreation facilities, open space and residential housing.

“This purchase of the site will be a catalyst for new development and growth in Medowie providing opportunity for better connectivity between housing and recreational facilities.

“With the development of this land, we will be able to host more events in the area and look forward to a large scale regional playground,” he added.

Council is working with residents and businesses on the development of a Place Plan for Medowie. Consultation on this plan has already begun, however this will be expanded in 2022 to ensure the community can have their say on how they would like to see this new space evolve.

“Working with the community, we will design a place that looks and feels great.

“By investing in quality open space and infrastructure, we can improve the liveability and wellbeing of our community and create great places for people to live, work and visit,” Mr Wallis said.

Read more about the Medowie Planning Strategy at

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