Debi Thornton take the diving plunge at Tilligerry Aquatic Centre

Debi learning the finer points of scuba diving from instructor Mick Todd.


Diving the Deep

THE Doreen Bradley Pool at Tilligerry Aquatic Centre was the venue recently for scuba diver training.

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It’s not the first time the pool has been used for such purposes; Even our local Marine Rescue has practised their survival skills there in case they come to grief at sea on one of their rescue missions.

Retiree Debi Thornton who was diving some thirty years ago decided to get into the sport as part of her ‘bucket list’.

“I’ve now got my life back after a long career of work and want to make the most of it,” she said.

“I plan to explore the reefs and wrecks around Vanuatu once I’m qualified and confident,” she added.

Dive instructor, Mick Todd from ‘Let’s Go Adventures Dive Nelson Bay’ said that interacting with sharks was one of the most popular types of dives they catered for.

“We do a lot of charter dives off Broughton Island around reefs and wrecks but getting up close and personal with the placid grey nurse sharks really excites the adventure seekers,” he said.

All divers using scuba gear must be trained and licensed.

This licence must be in the possession of the diver and produced when refilling their tanks.

The taking of crustaceans and spearfishing are not permitted while taking part in this type of underwater activity.

SCUBA is an acronym derived from Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

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