Don’t worry, be happy: Ingenia Gardens’ top tips for supporting mental health as we age

Ingenia Gardens have shared their top tips for maintaining our mental health as we age.

AS we age, health problems and the loss of loved ones can increase our health risks.

Here are Ingenia Gardens’ tips for supporting your mental health.

Health comes first

A balanced diet, daily exercise and a good night sleep are the foundations of a healthy lifestyle and benefit everyone regardless of their physical condition.

Ingenia Gardens offer residents a choice of meal plans and exercise groups that provide assistance on a temporary or ongoing basis.

Stay involved

Ingenia Gardens’ Activate lifestyle program gives residents opportunities to participate in regular activities and social events.

It’s a great way to find a new hobby, meet residents with similar interests or fill in the afternoon with some fun and laughter.

Stay connected

One of the best things about community living is that you are surrounded by like-minded people.

Striking up a conversation with a fellow resident is a great way to build new friendships.

Reach out

Ingenia Gardens offers residents support through the Ingenia Connect.

A complimentary service available to all Gardens residents, Ingenia Connect is designed to connect residents with local specialist services that can assist with health or lifestyle concerns.

Would you like to explore the health benefits of community living?

Book a tour with Ingenia Gardens Coffs Harbour’s Community Manager and see for yourself.

Call Sandra on 6650 0982 or go to for more information.

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