Estia Tea Gardens residents and family celebrate Oktoberfest

QuizMeister Simon Wilson led the trivia rounds.

OCTOBER’S lack of national holidays was filled when the residents and staff at Estia Tea Gardens celebrated Oktoberfest in style last Friday.

The Family Room morphed, once again, into a travel and trivia destination, with the Estia Catering crew doing their ‘wurst’ with a Teutonic spread of traditional German sauerkraut and sausages.

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Festivities included an ‘armchair travel’ tour of Germany, with residents enjoying the Bavarian Alps and the bustling cityscape of Munich.

“That’s actually a monthly themed event, so in July we might go to France for Bastille Day, or in May to Mexico for Cinco de Mayo, and residents can travel to from the comfort of their chairs,” Peta Kidd, Lifestyle Co-Ordinator at Estia told NOTA.

The German trivia was hosted by Estia’s illustrious QuizMeister and Administration Manager Simon Wilson, testing the trivial mettle of everyone’s Volksfest knowledge.

With many lifetimes’ worth of trivia expertise in the room, the Meister had his work cut out, and all enjoyed the interaction and excitement.

While the lederhosen were optional for the residents and their family, the staff ladies Lenny, Peta and Karen all donned the dirndls (traditional Oktoberfest dress), and played Biermadchen (beer maidens) for the day, while lucky birthday celebrations were sung for Peggy and Bruce, both sharing the week.

The true and specific reasons for the first Oktoberfest have been lost to time, but the first celebration was held in 1810, said to be in honour of Bavarian Crown Princess Theresa, at the time, on the meadows outside Munich’s city gates, called ‘Theresienwiese’.

Perhaps it was the copious amounts of beer (7.7 million litres estimated consumed in 2014 alone), and the general carnival atmosphere that made the Bavarians two centuries ago decide to make it an annual thing.

Whatever the case, the residents at Estia Tea Gardens would, like anyone else, never knock back a reason to be merry in October.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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