Exercise key to fighting depression for Avril Dinham

Avril Dinham, By Square Shoe Photography
Avril Dinham, By Square Shoe Photography


AVRIL Dinham of Nelson Bay has struggled with depression for many years.

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Reaching a point where she was aware that she needed help, she sought the assistance and support of family, friends and her general practitioner.

Being on medication for some time, and blaming the medication for weight gain, Avril realised it was more her lifestyle than medication which was causing the weight issue.

Avril and a friend decided to exercise together and in turn support and make each other accountable.

Researching online for new workout ideas kept the process fresh and exciting.

During this time, Avril realised she was on an epic journey to combat depression and mental illness.

Avril told News Of The Area, “Going out, breathing in fresh air, exhaling the wonderful sea air and realising, by taking the first step of recovery and accepting I had depression, I was now on my journey to a better me.”

“Living with depression had become normal, I was seeing a psychologist and counsellor regularly, nothing, not even medication made me feel better, when I discovered exercise I started to feel back to me, how I used to be, how I wanted to be again.”

The Black Dog Institute highly recommends exercise to help the battle with depression and emphasises you do not need to join a gym.

Walking, taking the stairs, parking further away, housework; these activities, achievable for most, count towards exercise and whilst it’s recognised that sometimes it’s difficult to get out of bed, finding that inner strength, that inner determination to help yourself beat depression will boost your confidence, self-esteem and is taking you one step closer to better physical and mental health.

“The first step is surely the most difficult, then it’s two, three and four, it’s not a quick fix, it’s a process, once started, it lights your being and fires your soul,” Avril said.

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By Mandy ELLIS

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