Federal election coming up weeks away

Federal election for the seat of Patterson
Federal election for the seat of Patterson

WITH the Federal election only weeks away, seven candidates will be running for the seat of Patterson.

Karen Howard, Liberal, John Brown for the Greens, Peter Arena, Christian Democratic Party, Meryl Swanson for Labour, Peter Davis represents the Citizens Electoral Council, Graham Burston is the candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Brian Clare will represent the Rise Up Australia Party.

The seat of Patterson has had its boundaries re-distributed to be only one sixth of its original area.

The boundary is now 1,123 square km’s in size.

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It includes Port Stephens, Lochinvar, Raymond Terrace, East Maitland, most of Maitland and Kurri Kurri.

This re-distribution has seen the original 9.8% liberal favouring margin change to a 0.4% labour favouring margin.

Voting can now be done by either numbering 6 boxes above the line or at least 12 numbers below it.

For younger residents who are unsure if they are enrolled to vote, you can check on the AEC website.

It is now too late to enrol if you have not already done so.

There are currently 112, 575 residents enrolled to vote in the Paterson division.

As voting is compulsory for every Australian resident over 18, there are a range of ways for people to vote who may not be able to get there physically.

A valid and sufficient reason for not voting must be presented, or a fine will be distributed.

The election will be held on 2 July.


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