Fifth Generation of Fishing Family Impacted by Myall River Flooding

Recent flooding of the Myall River.


LOCALS of the Myall Coast are certainly made of tougher stuff.

The recent rain and following flooding have proved their metal.

Ross Fidden and his family are all too familiar with what it takes to live and work these coastal waters.

His family have been fishermen in the area for five generations and he has been fishing on the Myall Lakes his entire life.

As many suspected as they watched their rain gauges this past week, we were suddenly facing a weather event unseen for many years.

Ross would certainly concur with that and said he’s, “never seen it this bad in my life.”

The family own fishing huts along the Myall River, which support their industry.

Reports from other fishermen suggest that the water is waist deep in some areas.

Others report that wharves have broken up or even floated away.

It will be a waiting game until the water recedes to see what is left behind.

Certainly one thing will be: Ross Fidden, who has no plans of going anywhere.



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