Fingal Bay Probus Club BBQ’s – Weathering The Storm

Ross and Ilona Ferrier, Maureen and Eric Platzer, Daryl Chalker, Verlaine Griffiths, host and cook Roy Jeffery, John and Vicki Archer, Julia Redlich, Trish McClung, and Geraldine Jeffery. Photos by Lynn Moffitt, and Vicki Archer.


THERE were plenty of people out and about weathering the storm safely across Port Stephens.

Among these were the members of the Probus Club of Port Stephens who never let the rain wreck friendly get-togethers!

Julia Redlich told News Of The Area, “That’s the decision of Fingal Bay Probus Club members.

“Two regular barbecues in the past few weeks were washed out, but were easily transferred to homes with veranda cover against clouds or rooms with a view to well-watered gardens.”

Traditional steak, sausage and salads feasting was done a little differently which she believes just adds to the fun and friendship.

Being part of a socially active group is important as connection to the community assists in developing better mental health.

This is particularly important for older residents who are not connected with other people through workplaces as they were during their working career.

Probus Clubs are an important part of our community offering those who are retired or semi retired an outlet for connecting with others and having fun.

Unlike Rotary Clubs and other service organisations, Probus clubs are simply about enriching the lives of their senior members there is no driven purpose to fundraise or deliver change other than creating good times.

The Fingal Bay Probus Club meets at 9.30am on the second Monday of each month at the Fingal Bay Sports and Recreation Club, 100 Rocky Point Road, Fingal Bay.

New members and visitors are welcome to learn about the club and its activities that include wine and dine evenings, walking for pleasure, barbecues, coffee mornings, wine appreciation time and a variety of guest speakers.

For more information, phone 4984 1448 or 0419 119 216.




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