‘Let’s Love Water’ educational program teaches water saving techniques to the Hunter’s kids

Experiments show kids how important it is to sustain our water supply.


SAVING water is more important now more than ever.

Yes, even after a deluge we know that Australia will eventually be faced with drought once more and every drop saved today is a drop in the bucket of a sustainable future.

Learning lessons around sustainability and saving water can be somewhat dull however Hunter Water have developed a series of colourful workshops for schools and kindergartens.

Kids can enjoy popping balloons and bopping along to catchy tunes in a fun, colourful and interactive way, spreading the value of water to schools across the region.

The ‘Let’s Love Water’ program, which is being coordinated by Hunter Water in partnership with local talent group Jollybops Science for the first time, highlights simple ways to save the precious resource each day.

The 40-minute performance, designed for students from preschool to Year 2, is easily incorporated into the Early Years Learning Framework and links to NSW syllabus outcomes.

Jollybops Science Director and Performer, Trevor Atkinson, said the show’s characters, Professor Puddle and Eddy the Aquabot, as well as music and science demonstrations, were key to engaging the students.

“It was a process of really visualising kids’ responses to ideas that we had for the show.

“So, we thought about some fun experiments, songs and pantomimes that would get them excited and involved, therefore remembering the water saving messages from Hunter Water.

“The response has been great so far.

“The staff are always smiling and we have no problem keeping the kids’ attention in the preschool and infant shows.

“The most important messages are getting clearer and stronger each show we perform, which is the main idea,” said Mr Atkinson.

The ‘Let’s Love Water’ show includes simple tips like having four-minute showers, turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, and sweeping hard surfaces.

It comes after a successful 15-year partnership between Hunter Water and Ship ‘O Fools, the creative agency that brought a ‘Bubbles and Supa Squirt’ production to thousands of Lower Hunter school students.

Hunter Water Education Coordinator, Jessica Crow, thanked Ship ‘O Fools for its dedication over the years while expressing excitement at a fresh approach.

“We encourage any Lower Hunter schools that may be interested in featuring this free show to contact us,” said Ms Crow.

If you’re interested in Jollybops Science attending your preschool or school, please visit www.hunterwater.com.au/community/education-schools and complete the enquiry form.




Things heating up in the exciting presentation presented at the Love Water Show.

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