Five generations of Holliday males

Kaiuu with dad Dylan, Peter, Matthew and Eric Holliday.
Kaiuu with dad Dylan, Peter, Matthew and Eric Holliday.

ERIC Holliday, 96 years old, proudly heads the family who boast five generations of males.

Eric is number four of five children born to Elmore and Lilian, and the first to have been born in his family after WWI.

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During 1902, Elmore, jumped ship in Newcastle, swam across Stockton harbour and slept in the sand dunes until he ventured into Bob’s Farm where he was looked after by locals until the ship left.

Elmore was granted 60 acres of land at Bobs Farm to grow vegetables, and after the war, he returned to settle into farm life where he was until his death.

Elmore is buried with his wife at Cemetery Point, Anna Bay, complete with soil he stored in a money box from his time in England with the instructions it was to be placed on top of him when he is buried.

Eric received an OAM for services to agriculture, is the first recipient of Freeman of Port Stephens and has served 50 years with TOCAL college.

Peter, (Eric’s son, second generation), now a retired rose farmer said, “Since retiring, my wife and I have been busy travelling around Australia.”

“It is quite amazing really that we are all still alive.”

Matt, (Peter’s son, third generation), a fitter in the mines said, “I’m very proud to be a Holliday, it’s a good background to come from.”

“It’s good to have family together as there is nothing more important,” he told News Of The Area.

Dylan, (Matt’s son, fourth generation), lives in Kingscliff and is a chef.

Kaiuu, (Dylan’s son), at 12 months, has the title of being the youngest and therefore the fifth generation of this family.

Eric puts the longevity down to “good genes, (we are all good looking he jokes), lots of luck and fresh vegetables.”


By  Mandy ELLIS

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