Foreshore residential development a long term loss for Coffs Harbour?

Saturday November 17, 2018 during the World Motor Rally.


Dear News Of The Area,

Can we afford to lose this land? No we can’t.

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The proposed Foreshores residential development represents short-term gain with no long-term benefit to the future generations of Coffs Harbour.

Yes, State Government may make say, $10m on the sale of the land and Council will gain the revenue from rates for the proposed medium rise residential buildings but is this short-term gain worth our community losing this valuable land forever more.

I have taken two photos which demonstrate the popularity of the area.

The first was taken Saturday November 17, 2018 during the World Motor Rally.

The second was taken last Sunday August 30, 2020 – just a normal Sunday with markets, a car show on railway land, fishing co-op, Yacht Club & Latitude 30, beach and breakwall attracting locals and visitors to the area to enjoy what Coffs Harbour is all about.

Where will all these people park when this land is gone?

Where will we hold outdoor events when this land is developed?

We can kiss goodbye to the markets and major activities on the Foreshores Park which Council and State Government spent around $20 million in redeveloping for this purpose.

A previous, forward-thinking Council talked of acquiring the railway land, moving Jordan Esplanade closer to the railway track and including the reclaimed land into the Foreshores.

This would give Coffs Harbour wonderful expansive Foreshores parkland which would be able to be enjoyed by generations to come and be an asset to our community and a drawcard for visitors and entertainment promoters.

Once this land is gone we will never be able to get it back.

In the future, as it is now open space is precious and essential for the wellbeing of a community.

Our local State member inherited this proposed plan and I know that he is a community-minded person with young children, so I ask him and Council to rethink the plan and instead to plan for the future and the generations to come.

The residential development of this land will not have any long-term benefits for the majority of people of Coffs Harbour.

Fran Stephenson.


Sunday August 30, 2020.

2 thoughts on “Foreshore residential development a long term loss for Coffs Harbour?

  1. The foreshores needs commerce for the town to survive population decline, not some pseudo green brain fart argued here. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen said parklands full of people. The majority of time Coffs best asset is unused, wasted space that generates no economic benefit to anyone and limited social benefit. You can’t argue throwing some gigs is a sustainable economic plan, enough of this left green nonsense. We are going backwards into the stone age at a rate of knots here.

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