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Lauren Baker with Lulu the dog. Photo by Scott Goodwin. (left) Ned the kitten. Photo by Amanda Warren. (right)
Lauren Baker with Lulu the dog. Photo by Scott Goodwin. (left)
Ned the kitten. Photo by Amanda Warren. (right)


WITHOUT foster carers, these two gorgeous animals would not be alive.

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Fostering really does save lives.

Dog Rescue Newcastle and the Kitty Rescue Project are both desperate for more foster carers.

The more carers, the more animals they can save from being euthanised.

The Kitty Project currently has 26 animals  in care and Dog Rescue has about 150.

Dog Rescue Newcastle focuses on taking dogs out of the pound, particularly those on death row who often only have days or hours to live.

Kitty Rescue Project saves cats from the pound but also from people who can no longer care for their animals and those advertised on social media requiring homes.

Food, flea and worm treatment plus any necessary veterinary treatment is provided.

All that is required is that you are an animal lover and can provide affection, a secure yard (for dogs) and shelter for the animals until a suitable permanent home can be found for them, even if it is interstate.

Lauren Baker is a local foster carer for Dog Rescue Newcastle and told News Of The Area, “Being a foster carer for dogs has been a rewarding experience for both myself and my children. It has shown them they can have a positive impact in a bad situation. The cuddles are a bonus.”

Please go to the website or Facebook page of Dog Rescue Newcastle or the Facebook page for Kitty Rescue Project to find out how you become a foster carer, become a volunteer, make a donation or buy some merchandise (Dog Rescue only).

Amanda Warren from Kitty Rescue Project said, “Kitty Rescue Project has grown rapidly since its beginning earlier this year. We have 26 kitties in care at the moment, and there are always more in need, be it from pounds, private surrenders, or abandoned kitties.”

“Currently we have cats and kittens who are looking for foster carers, and we have more coming into care on a consistent basis,” she said.

If you would like to join the foster carer team please email

Potential Dog Rescue Newcastle foster carers, please send an email to


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