Free Tai Chi offering health benefits in Nelson Bay

Tai Chi offers a myriad of health benefits as we age.

TAI CHI has been practised for centuries as a form of martial art, and at the Nelson Bay Community Hall you can now give it a go free of charge.

Tai Chi Port Stephens 108 is a not-for-profit organisation with experienced teachers passionate about showcasing the art that was passed on by the late Master Moy Lin-Shin, the Taoist monk and teacher who founded the Taoist Tai Chi Society.

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Senior Instructor Greg Smith brought with him his love for teaching Tai Chi from Sydney 18 months ago, keen to provide the opportunity in Port Stephens.

With 45 students in Nelson Bay, Mr Smith teaches a beginners class, an advancing class and a continuing class of the 5000-year-old Chinese art form.

“There are various levels of teaching the 108 Tai Chi form, with the beginner class being more static,” Mr Smith said.

“Moving up from that the advancing classes are focused on more movement with joints and alignment of the hips and stretching.

“The continuing class is the same focus but getting the student more comfortable with the art to be able to do so out of the comfort of their own home,” said Mr Smith.

It takes roughly six months to learn the 108 Tai Chi moves using a 3-3-3 method, which means a few movements are taught per class, all eventually adding up to 108 Tai Chi movements.

“The physical benefits of Tai Chi are the strengthening and stretching of joints and limbs, and general physical health. “The mental benefits are huge – lowering anxiety levels and lessening stress.”

Other benefits include reducing the chance of falls for the elderly.

At the Nelson Bay Community Hall, located at 6 Norburn Avenue, Nelson Bay, locals have the opportunity to join a class and learn the craft or even just watch to get an idea of what is involved.

“Contact us whenever,” Mr Smith said, “registration forms are on our website so we know what your physical capabilities are beforehand, so we are prepared to provide the best class for your personal needs.”

Find all class times and registration forms on the Tai Chi 108 Port Stephens website at


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