Free Trade at Spectrum, Anna Bay

Elly Webb and Ingrid Strickland are part of the Spectrum Gift Shop Team. Photo by Elly Webb
Elly Webb and Ingrid Strickland are part of the Spectrum Gift Shop Team. Photo by Elly Webb

Elly web from Spectrum Gift shop Anna Bay is passionate about empowering people to earn a living and to build a life.

The store is full of Fair Trade Products that have been sourced from individuals, families and villages that make them by hand.

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“Whether supporting women in a local refuge to rebuild their lives, to empowering women in Fijian prisons to earn enough income to keep their children in school or providing food and accommodation for widows and orphans in Bali and the Phillipines or helping to resource local tribes in Tanzania, all of our products are directly helping to empower those who need it most,” Elly Webb from Spectrum Gift Shop told Bay News Of The Area.

“We have a wonderful team of volunteers who run our gift shop who are all passionate about what we are doing here,” Ms Webb said.

The heart of what Spectrum gifts does is to help people to help themselves.

There are people on the mission fields, nursing and teaching in many third world locations.

Spectrum gives these missionaries opportunities to make connections with people in these regions by facilitating purchases of high quality goods that are bought and sold through the gift shop.

This then helps the individuals and communities by increasing trade and creating a flow of money to put back into their villages.

Spectrum Gift Shop is an extension of C3 Spectrum Church, whose vision is to serve the community through a relationship of trust.

The church’s goal is to tear down the walls and bring church to the people a kind of realness to the community.

The church’s Farmers Market is another example of the church coming to the people as a part of a supportive community.

“The church is in the building that we all loved, the original Smarty Plants,” Ms Webb said.

“It was a gift to us and we want to offer this beautiful place as a gift back to the community,” Elly Webb added.

Spectrum comprises a gift shop, church and a beautiful café in a tranquil garden setting.

Spectrum is a great place for gifts or a tasty meal or coffee for locals and tourists alike.

By Jewell DRURY

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