The French Connection Kerry and Peter Hodges from Tillermans


Ambassador of Confrèrie: Peter Hodges.
Ambassador of Confrèrie: Peter Hodges.


TEA Gardens restaurateur Peter Hodges has been lucky enough to combine his passion for all things French with a lifelong career.

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His love of the language began in High School when Peter chose to learn French in Year 7.

“I was good at it, I could just do it,” Peter told News Of The Area.

‘’My favourite French teacher was a Scottish guy.”

“He’d come to class wearing a three-piece suit, smoking a pipe and adopt a Napoleon stance,” Peter laughed.

His heritage too is quite unusual.

“My great great grandfather was a French Jesuit Priest who went as a missionary to Quebec.”

“He succumbed to the temptations of the flesh.”

“My Great Great Grandmother was an Iroquois Indian.”

“Something happened one night and he ended up coming to Tasmania as a cook.

Fast forward to this century and Peter and wife Kerry have spent the last nine years improving French Australian relations.

They’re members of the Confrèrie du Raisin d’Or of Sigoules.

In simple terms, it’s a brotherhood dating back to 1000ad which now promotes the natural resources of  a region.

‘’To become a member of the local Confrèrie you have to be invited and you have to show a passion for France.’’

As Chevaliers and Ambassadors of Confrèrie, Peter and Kerry take a group of Australians every year to their other home in rural France.

‘’It provides cross cultural opportunities for Australians,” Peter said.

“It works both ways for our French friends as well, when the Australians rock up it’s a bit of a party atmosphere in the small town for a couple of weeks.’’

Peter’s cape of red velvet signifies the colour of the wines of Bergerac.

He brought it home last year so Jenny Gimbert from Black Possum Fabric and Beads in Tea Gardens could mend and alter it.

“It won’t come out again as it’s too heavy,” Kerry laughed.

Peter and Kerry take off in July for France but Tillermans restaurant will remain open in the capable hands of their son.




Confrèrie members: Kerry and Peter Hodges.
Confrèrie members: Kerry and Peter Hodges.



Confrèrie members: Kerry and Peter Hodges.
Confrèrie members: Kerry and Peter Hodges.

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