Frocks and Slippers Luncheon for Tea Gardens Library

A group of lovely ladies decided to have lunch together in response to their husbands and partners enjoying ‘Tradies Day’ golf outing.Frocks and Slippers Tea Gardens

These ladies planned their own outing, a “Frock and Slippers” lunch for fun at a local restaurant.

Ladies were fined if they were not dressed correctly on the day.

As a result, monies were raised and donated to Tea Gardens Branch Library.

A total of $425 was raised. Well done ladies!

This will add to the quality stock on the Library shelves.

When asked why these kind ladies gave their donation to the Library, Liz Fenwick said that over the years her daughter had enjoyed the Library’s Story Time and School Holiday activities and this year came to the new Homework Help programme on Wednesday afternoons.

Liz went on to say the library staff goes above and beyond to help members of the public.

Parents in the group had found the benefits for their children’s participation in library activities over the years had been outstanding.

If the pictures are anything to go by, these women had a fun-filled and entertaining day out, all in the name of a good cause and a bit of sportsmanship.

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