Funding to be sought out for the villages of the MidCoast


FUNDING is being sought out to support the local communities of the MidCoast.

Councillor Len Roberts proposed that Council, through the offices of the local members, seek funding from the State Government for small scale projects for smaller towns and villages as a response to the Council’s successful amalgamation and to enhance the liveability/ recovery of these communities post COVID.

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“We hear about the great infrastructure spend that is going to happen because of COVID and we’re aware that there is going to be this economic recovery but we always let our little towns and villages and even some of our bigger villages miss out.

“I think that with this amalgamation, that none of us wanted but ended up with having to handle, we played the hand we were dealt and I think we ended up with a pretty good result.

“However, the little towns and villages have not seen a great deal of that success and I’m suggesting that we try and get some funding for their projects,” Cr Roberts said.

This motion was supported by a number of councillors, however, Councillor Kathryn Bell opposed the motion under the idea that there is no quantitative evidence of a successful amalgamation.

“In my view, it’s subjective,” she said.

“One could read between the lines and ask the question that if it was such a successful amalgamation, we wouldn’t have to go cap in hand to the state or anyone else to be looking for more funding for smaller towns and villages,” Cr Bell said.

Councillor Hutchinson also supported the motion, whilst thanking the local, state and federal members for what they have done for the smaller villages of the MidCoast in regards to funding in the past.



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