Generosity never stops at for Myall Coast Community


Dear News Of The Area,

HAVING been connected to Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest for 57 years, I have seen many changes, ie, development of both townships, the opening and closing of businesses, the arrival and departure of people who call the majestic Myall Coast home.

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An aspect of living in this area that has not changed is the caring and generous nature of those who inhabit the region.

The giving nature of businesses, service clubs, sporting clubs and residents is reported almost weekly in the News Of The Area.

Donations take different forms, ie financial, practical, time and energy. Being a small town, businesses can struggle, particularly during the winter months – but still they give.

Recently on a visit to Tea Gardens Little Faith Fashion Boutique, a chance question by my shopping companion as to where the proprietor, Marina, obtains the mannequins displayed in-store led to amazing generosity.

When told we were enquiring for the ‘’Pearls of Port Stephens’’ (a local fund raising group) who hold the ‘’Buy my Wardrobe’’ (BMW) event during the local Myall River Festival and we would like to locate mannequins to better display our clothing, Marina immediately gifted racks and mannequins to us.

Little Faith is a new business and Marina is a new resident who has that generous spirit that keeps our townships alive.

Yes, change can be challenging but while we have people who are prepared to respond generously to the needs of our community then our area will continue to be a place of goodness in which to live and thrive.

Rhonda Bobako
Pearls of Port Stephens

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