GOLF: Hawks Nest Vets


Hawks Nest Vets

Stroke.  30/8/2016

4TH Round of Championships.

2016 Champion  Bruce Clayton  165 strokes.

Runner up  Chris Bournon  169

Nett  Champion  David Brailey  156

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Runner up  Bob Macklinshaw  157.4

Daily Competition.

A Grade.

  1. Geoff True 36.4
  2. Brian Calverley 37.3
  3. Tom Gallagher 37.7

B Grade.

  1. Graham Wilson 36.1
  2. Michael Ross 36.7

3.Albert Adamson           36.9

NTP.          A                                         B

3rd. Barry Collins               Paul McLean

5th. John Verdon              Joe Kennelly

10th. Robert Weir             Albert Adamson

16th. Gordon Morrison  David Rimmer



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