Graeme McLean’s beard goes teal to fundraise for Ovarian Cancer

Graeme will shave his teal beard at the end of the month.


WHO says Residential Aged Care residents can’t make a difference in the world?

Definitely not Mater Christi resident Graeme McLean, who has died his beard teal for Ovarian Cancer Australia month.

Graeme lost his wife to Ovarian Cancer and donates every year, but this year he’s asking you to donate too.

On February 24, every donation made through the Ovarian Cancer Australia website will be tripled.


If you’d like to donate in person though, a box for donations is in place at Mater Christi.

At the end of February, Graeme shaves off his teal beard and all donations will be forwarded to the Charity.

Well done Graeme!


Graeme McLean with daughter and hairdresser Sarah Burrell.

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