Great Lakes and Port Stephens Paramedics join protest campaign

AMBULANCE chalking protest in Tea Gardens
AMBULANCE chalking protest in Tea Gardens

PARAMEDICS from the Great Lakes and Port Stephens areas have  joined a Statewide campaign protesting the Baird Government’s recent changes to their insurance coverage.

In August, the NSW Government dramatically reduced the death and disability payouts for ambulance officers leaving them with less than a quarter of  their previous protection.

Letters to the Premier have gone unanswered, as have requests for talks with the Health Minister.

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In response Paramedics across New South Wales have begun a series of protest campaigns.

“We’re professional, the campaign is based around not impacting the community,” Mike Callinan, spokesman for the Health Sector Union told the News Of The Area.

Ambulance vehicles including  those based in Tea Gardens have been chalked with the words “NSW Paramedics, most trusted, least protected, thanks to Mike Baird”.

Last Friday all paramedics were urged to wear their yellow vests to show their support for the campaign.

“So far Premier Baird has not been able to see us,” said Mike Callinan.

The community is being asked to lend their support by dropping in to their local Ambulance station and signing a petition.

So far stations have received over 10 thousand signatures.

And the paramedics are garnering support on social media.

“Paramedics are not asking for a pay rise, they’re are not asking for anything more than the other emergency services receive.”

To lend your support head to your local ambulance station or for more information check out their website “Zero One – Code One”.




PARAMEDICS: Yellow Vest Protest Campaign
PARAMEDICS: Yellow Vest Protest Campaign


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