Green Army project covers Anna Bay to Soldiers Point

Green Army at Soldiers Point. (Photo - Square Shoe Photography)
Green Army at Soldiers Point. (Photo – Square Shoe Photography)

The local Green Army team have been working their magic along Soldiers Point Road where they are nearing the completion of their latest project.

The team of eight, headed by Stacy Mail, have spent a mere three days clearing, constructing and planting an area to encourage koalas to take up residence there rather than risk crossing the busy road.

The project is dedicated to koala habitat restoration and is funded by the Commonwealth Government with Port Stephens Council being the project sponsor.

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Funding is available until 2018.
The project covers from Anna Bay to Soldiers Point with a focus on the Soldiers Point area.

Age ranges for the current Green Army team are from 17 to 24 years.
“It is nice having a young team, they keep me young and on my toes,” Stacy told News Of The Area.

“For me, my motivation is, doing it for the cause, to see that we have made an impact and made more habitat available for future koalas,” she said.

Stacy is very proud of the strong team environment that is built upon supporting and encouraging each other.

“Although a previous participant had been successful in securing a higher paid job after he was part of one of the Green Army projects, he returned as he missed the team spirit,” she said.

The benefits for young people to participate in the Green Army projects are, training, work experience and knowing they have made a difference.

Certificates are awarded for WHS compliance and also for Chemical use.

Stacy would like to thank the local residents of Soldiers Point for their support for the planting of koala street food trees.

The next project is scheduled for late January 2017, if anyone is interested, please apply online at

By Mandy ELLIS

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