Hawks Nest Bridge Club

MEMBERS are looking forward to the commencement of the GNOTs and Team Shield competition next Friday.

In the meantime, we are all very much aware of the growing numbers of people in our area who unfortunately have succumbed to COVID, and members have returned to mask-wearing in our clubhouse along with hand sanitizers on every bridge table for the convenient use by members.

Our message is to stay safe everyone.

Bridge Results:

Monday 4/7/22
1. Bea Treharne and Sue Matheson
2. Sue Donohue and Bruce Eyre
3. Peter Baily and Gordon Morrison

1. Neryl Grehan and Jan Armstrong
2. Shirley Pearson and Beth Williams
3. Helen White and Susan Helsen

Wednesday 6/7/22 N/S
1. David Hipkins and Kerry McMurray
2. Bea Treharne and Sue Matheson
3.= Esther Digby and John Grey
3= Peter Baily and Carolyn Bywater

Friday 8 /7/22 N/S
1. Liz Caro and Sam Kebby
2. Jim Thatcher and Jean Glover
3. Neryl Grehan and Trish Thatcher

1. Elke Greenlagh and Gary Melrose
2. Esther Digby and Beverley Richardson
3. Jeanette Patfield and Jan Armstrong

Monday 11/7/22 N/S
1. Liz Caro and Trish Thatcher
2. Linda Conroy and Glenn Conroy
3. Shirley Pearson and Beth Williams

Wednesday 13/7/22
1. Bea Treharne and Jeanette Whalan
2. Esther Digby and Shayne Fuller
3. Adrian Ryan and Peter Baily

Friday 15/7/22 – Session was cancelled.

By Elizabeth BUCKPITT

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