Hawks Nest Bridge Club

Hawks Nest Bridge Club


Hawks Nest Bridge Club

IT is always good to see a newcomer to our Club performing well at Bridge. Sam Kebby and his partner, John Worgan, came first in the E/W position on Friday 28th February. They were also the handicap winners, which is an excellent achievement. Congratulations to both of them. In fact Sam was on the podium (i.e. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) on three occasions this fortnight, playing with different partners.

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On Friday 6th March, the ‘Under 100 Masterpoint’ competition began. This is an opportunity for less experienced players to play against one another, while the more experienced players play their own separate session. This competition is played over two weeks and so far Pater Baily and Michael Forte are in the lead, playing extremely well and gaining an excellent score of over 69%. We await next week’s results with interest.

Meanwhile beginners lessons have begun at the Clubhouse on a Tuesday evening, with newcomers to the game being mentored by more experienced players.

Monday 24th February: 1. Peter Baily & Gordon Morrison 2. Sam Kebby & Bill Taylor 3. Liz Caro & Jeanette Whalan
Handicap Winners – Peter Baily & Gordon Morrison.

Friday 28th February: N/S 1. Barbara Ryan & Frank Ryan 2. Sue Donohue & Jean Glover 3. Elke Greenhalgh & Gary Melrose.

E/W 1. Sam Kebby & John Worgan 2. Bea Treharne & Sue Matheson 3=. Laurice Chivers & Dawn Bridges 3=. Helen White & Susan Helsen

Handicap Winners – Sam Kebby & John Worgan

Monday 2nd March: N/S 1. Chez Rands & Leslie Falla 2. Liz Caro & Trish Thatcher 3. Linda & Glenn Conroy

E/W 1=. Bea Treharne & Roy Song 1=. Sam Kebby & Sue Matheson 3. Elizabeth Buckpitt & Helen Blackbourn

Handicap Winners – Elizabeth Buckpitt & Helen Blackbourn

Friday 6th March: Under 100 Masterpoints Competition

1. Peter Baily & Michael Forte 2. Carol Lance & Elizabeth Buckpitt 3. Dawn Bridges & Laurice Chivers
Handicap Winners – Peter Baily & Michael Forte

Normal Session: N/S 1. Jim & Trish Thatcher 2. Jo & John Younghusband 3. Barbara & Frank Ryan
E/W 1. Leslie Falla & Chez Rands 2. Linda & Glenn Conroy 3. Bea Treharne & Sue Matheson

Handicap Winners – Jim & Trish Thatcher



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