Hawks Nest / Tea Gardens Progress Association update by Gordon Grainger


THE Hawks Nest / Tea Gardens Progress Association met on Monday 11 November and was well attended.

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The meeting was addressed by local resident Alex Bull, a former Traffic Engineer, who provided modelling on emergency evacuation by residents who rely on the single outlet of Spinifex Avenue.

The modelling shows total traffic congestion, with potential disastrous outcome, should such an event occur.

The meeting asked what evacuation plans are in place and the Progress Association has undertaken to invite representatives from Police, SES, Ambulance and the NSW Fire Service to meet with the community in the New Year.

The meeting was also addressed by Fred Sparksman, who introduced the concept of “Pelican Parade”.

The pelican being the unofficial totem of our twin towns and the police and fire stations, together with the Hawks Nest Newsagency, already displaying the totem. The aim is to have local businesses highlight pelican signage depicting what product or service that location provides.

In turn that will increase visitation and revenue for the business houses and develop an identity for our twin towns
In general business and a follow up to last months’ meeting, a resident’s group has submitted 38 objections to Council regarding the Yamba / Booner Streets building proposal. The prime objective to downsize the development.

Lights over the Moira St car park and ramp have been repaired and will shortly be reinstalled by Council.

The Chairman advised the community that Council now provide a website where any issues they may have can be lodged.

Council will host a meeting on 5 December, titled PAMP-Pedestrian Access & Mobility Plan. Venue is the Baptist Church at 6pm.

This will involve improvements to footpaths and access throughout our area and all available are urged to attend.

We are also reminded of the forthcoming community conversation meeting to be held Tuesday 26 November, Baptist Church at 6pm.

The next PRogress Association meeting will be on Monday 9 December 7 pm at the Uniting Church Hall, followed by the AGM.

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