Heart of the Haven: Rod Bucton

Rod Bucton.

MEET Rod Bucton, this week’s Heart of the Haven.

Rod grew up in North Haven, spending weekends exploring and adventuring.

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When the weather was playing up, he’d play Atari with his friends.

Rod moved to Bonny Hills with his family in his early teens, bodyboarding at Bartletts Beach and having every pet you can imagine.

“A cat, goldfish, rabbits, budgies, a horse named Fred, a sheep named Bubbles, and a seagull named Lucky, who was rescued from the tip after being tangled in barbed wire and losing its leg,” Rod said.

One of Rod’s favourite memories were the times he spent at Wiggly Tail Butchery in Bold Street, Laurieton during school holidays with his sister Sheree and his Dad, Bob Bucton.

The Bucton family has been active in the community for many decades.

“I remember helping out with the Uniting Church and Whiddon Aged Care, plus fundraising for other charities at a young age,” Rod said.

Rod’s love of surfing meant joining the Wauchope Bonny Hills Surf Life Saving Club, covering local patrols on weekends whilst in high school.

To this day, you will see Rod out in the surf at Bonny Hills catching waves or riding his bike on the trails at Jolly Nose.

Rod moved away to study architecture, and returned with his wife Sharny and two daughters, settling in Port Macquarie.

Being active in the community and volunteering continues to be a part of Rod’s weekly routine, with support of the Hastings Valley Mountain Bike Club, and currently as President of the Camden Haven Business Chamber, taking after his father Bob, who has been a part of the Chamber for over 40 years.

“We celebrate our area and connect our people to the wider community and economy,” Rod said.

If Rod has one wish for the Camden Haven community, what would it be?

“To continue to build our community, support local businesses and watch them flourish.”

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