Hellfire Paintball Appealing for Players for Competition

Players hiding in the Ground Zero Terrain
Players hiding in the Ground Zero Terrain

HELLFIRE Paintball at Salt Ash are appealing for expressions of interest for a ‘Supa Three’s’ competition.

This involves any team of three showing interest via their Facebook page to compete in a one day long competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

The competition is set to take place in approximately 8 weeks, depending on the level of interest.

Competitions of this kind generally attract more experienced players, giving other teams the opportunity to learn from them.

Hellfire Paintball have continuously updated their courses, now offering 4 different terrains and a glass viewing section for parents or onlookers.

Hamburger Hill is designed for players to capture the hill, Ground Zero looks like it has been bombed, incorporating burnt trees and obstacles, Drug Lords has the shell of an old airplane as the centre of the attraction and Jungle Warfare incorporates bush and barricades.

American competitions of this kind typically attract thousands of players and spectators.

First, second and third place prizes from the competition will vary, with the winners getting paintball equipment and vouchers to the attraction.

On any given day, customers play up to 12 different games within a 4-hour time period.

Morning and afternoon session are run, with people shooting anywhere between 100 and 2000 paintballs in this time.

Salt Ash Butchery & Take Away

All safety equipment and guns are free, with the only cost to the customer being the amount of paintballs they want.

Like the competition, these are $15 for 100 balls.

Owner and operator of Hellfire Paintball Steve Hugnagl told News Of The Area, “We encourage people to get onto our Facebook page and show interest in the Supa 3’s competition so we can set a date.”

“Paintball is an excellent team sport – you really have to work together.”

“It keeps you fit and it teaches people how to handle fire arms properly,” he said.






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