Henry Cox, Hawks Nest, response to David Bruce Letter to Editor



Dear News Of The Area,

FOLLOWING the letter from David Bruce (News Of The Area 11 April, 2019 ‘Time for a Reality Check’), let us consider a few ‘reality checks’.

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The Climate Study Group published in “The Australian” 5/3/2019 a graph showing the actual measured temperature rise over the last 40 years to fluctuate from 0⁰ to under 0.3⁰ and now tending down.

The same graph shows the PREDICTED temperature rise to just under 1⁰, shades of the discredited “hockey stick” graph.

Other scientific papers show CO2 levels in the past of up to four times the present, but only AFTER temperature rises.

Conditions of the planet’s weather go in cycles, we are at present cycling 10,000 years out of an ice age and can expect to have a warming effect.

Human pollution may have a detrimental effect on human health but is questionable on its effect on planetary wellbeing.

The great kerfuffle of the CO2 menace started with an American student’s PhD paper.

Such papers should submit their data for peer review. This paper never was, and requests for it to be done are vigorously opposed.

The assumption in this paper was seized on by the scare-mongering media and the likes of Al Gore.

Any questioning of the scare- mongering CO2 publicity is shouted down. The science is not yet set in stone and a free and open dialogue is necessary.

Henry Cox HDA
Hawks Nest

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