Historic Homestead Tanilba House Reopens to Public

Historic Tanilba House in Caswell Crescent.


THE Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on all of our lives and one business in particular at Tanilba Bay has had to shelve its plans for the near future.

Tanilba House was just starting out on its new business plan to reinvent itself as an events venue, for weddings and corporate gatherings, when the initial lockdown came into force.

Indeed, at one stage they had some 17 forward bookings. These plans are now on hold as social distancing requirements made them unworkable.

The new owners stressed that the historic homestead was closed to the general public but it did host several very popular colonial ‘High Teas.’

It also opened up for the launch of a new book about the history of the building and its owners from the 1820s to the present day.

With constant requests for group tours and inspections, the new owners have decided to put on Devonshire Teas with guided tours during January of a Sunday up to 24th as well as one on Australia Day.

Once restrictions are eased, Tanilba House will once again become a most popular venue for major gatherings on the Tilligerry peninsular.


A ‘High Tea’ in full swing before the lockdown

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