Holiday workshops at Bay Arts

Students will be able to get hands-on these holidays. Photo: supplied.

CREATIVE Coffs Coast kids looking to further their skills are in luck these school holidays, with the Bay School of Creative Arts offering workshops over the break.

The classes will be aimed at students creating things with their hands and opening their mind up to new possibilities.

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Art Teacher at the school, Jo Elliot, said the classes will give parents an opportunity to engage their kids with a positive holiday activity.

“I can only speak from my experience, but my teenagers are pretty engaged whilst at school, but when it comes to school holidays it’s a different story.

“Most parents work and the guilt that comes from leaving teenagers on screens all day long whilst they’re on holidays and we’re at work is pretty enormous.”

The face-to-face holiday classes will be run at the Big Windmill and are targeted at teens from twelve and up.

The subjects on offer range from character design, mould making, resin jewellery and short film.

Mrs Elliot said the classes will give teenagers both tangible, and thought evoking experiences within the art world.

“They won’t only walk away with having made something but they will also be taught those invaluable soft skills by observing and looking at things differently, and coming up with unique and original ideas and designs.”

She also said it’s great for young kids to be introduced to the burgeoning creative scene on the coast.

“We’re pretty lucky to live in a regional city like Coffs Harbour with its natural beauty and natural playgrounds.

“What is really exciting at the moment is watching the vibrant arts and cultural community grow.

“There is lots on offer in and around Coffs from galleries, venues, public art and walking trails and there is more and more popping up all the time.”

Anyone looking for information on the holiday workshops can visit


There are a range of creative courses on offer for these holidays. Photo: supplied.

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