Hunter Water say Methyl-Isoborneol in some parts of the water supply

HUNTER Water have said they are aware of the increase in a naturally occurring compound known as MIB (Methyl-Isoborneol) in some parts of the water supply network.

The ‘compound’ can cause water to have an earthy or musty taste and odour.

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Hunter Water have said in a release that ‘there are no adverse health effects associated with MIB and tap water remains safe to drink. There is no risk to public health.’

“Hunter Water expects customers in areas may experience a change in taste or odour.

“We expect most areas will clear in two to three days.”

To improve removal of MIB at Grahamstown Water Treatment Plant, Hunter Water is dosing water with powdered activated carbon (PAC).

According to Hunter Water , PAC is often used to remove these compounds at water treatment plants.

“Although this compound, and another called geosmin, are harmless and the water remains safe to drink, human senses detect tastes and smells in the water at very low concentrations.”

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