In The Wake of the Anna Bay 7 Day Makeover Communities Are Asking Where’s Next

Some of the volunteers planting during the Anna Bay 7 Day Makeover.


THE Anna Bay 7 Day Makeover has certainly made a change in the streetscape and feel of the township of Anna Bay.

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The majority of the work was done in the first week of December with an immediate improvement in the look and feel of the township.

New plants, seating and a modern sign that creates a great photo opportunity is making a great stop and photo opportunity for residents and tourists alike.

Cr Sarah Smith told News Of The Area, “Council set aside $350,000 for town centre revitalisation projects for Anna Bay.

“Of this, it contributed $25,000 to the materials budget for the Anna Bay 7 Day Makeover in addition to the Creative Communities fee.

“The remaining funds will be spent on other revitalisation projects in the town centre.

“Our Waste team also contributed an extra $4000 during the makeover for the pathways made of Greencrete which is a more environmentally sustainable form of concrete that contains recycled glass.”

Council did contribute more than dollars with Councillor Smith saying, “I’m proud to say a lot of staff volunteered their time to participate in the 7 Day Makeover.

“While the exact number hasn’t been tallied, it was great to see everyone from the General Manager to officers and workers getting involved alongside the community volunteers,” she said.

The concept of the 7 Day Makeover is that the outcomes are determined by the community, in many ways the rest of the work that will happen in Anna Bay is up to the residents but it is a case of ‘watch this space’.

The input from the Creative Communities team has the potential to have a knock on effect in other townships around Port Stephens this is on Council’s radar as well as that of many community groups.

The Anna Bay 7 Day Makeover has taught the community valuable lessons that we can take forward, some of the prime ones are based around self determination and the benefits of cutting red tape.

Tomaree Business Chamber President Leah Anderson who initiated the 7 Day Makeover through a public access address at a Council Meeting told News Of The Area, “It would be wonderful to continue to engage with Creative Communities to deliver this type of program however we now have the templates, tools and understanding how to replicate this type of program.”

The old Salamander Shopping Precinct has already reached out to Chamber with a desire to replicate the Makeover in their precinct.

“Of course all Makeovers require funding and engagement from community groups along with help from Council to deliver.

“The community needs to have key groups that will band together to make things happen.

“Chamber will continue to be a key stakeholder and knowledge bank for the community and business engagement to achieve positive outcomes.”

There are still considerable funds available from the Council contribution to the Makeover with some speculating that this could be over $200,000.

Anderson is keen to continue to work with Council and the community to deliver more of the concepts developed in the Creative Communities day and a half long planning process which engaged with over 100 people.

“Watch this space and the townships all over Port Stephens to see where’s next,” she said.



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