International Women’s Day, guest speaker at Soldiers Point Bowling Club

Women’s rights have changed considerably since Australian University Students marched at an International Women’s Day Rally in 1977.
Women’s rights have changed considerably since Australian University Students marched at an International Women’s Day Rally in 1977.


INTERNATIONAL  Women’s Day, March 8, 2017, is a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. 

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This year’s agenda encourages women to have an active part in changing the world around them through numerous methods including challenging bias and inequality by boycotting all-male speaking panels.

Another way is by challenging stereotypes, calling it out when women are excluded, questioning all-male shortlists, monitoring the gender pay gap, pointing out bias and highlighting an alternative, embracing inclusive leadership and redefining the status quo.

The organisation begs women to campaign against violence by educating youth about positive relationships, to challenge those who justify perpetrators and blame victims, to donate to groups fighting abuse, to speak out against the silence of violence, to be vigilant and report violence and to campaign for the prevention of violence.

Forging Women’s Advancement is another point of the agenda with advice to decide to buy from companies that support women, choosing to work for a progressive employer of women, to support or back a female-owned business, to take a junior female colleague to a major meeting or event, to build conducive, flexible work environments, to appoint a woman to the board, mentor a woman and sponsor her goals, invite women into situations where they’re not already present or contributing, keeping gender on the agenda and also to create new opportunities for women.

Celebrating Women’s achievements is also achieved by raising women’s visibility as spokespeople in the media, driving fairer recognition and credit for women’s contributions, launching even more awards showcasing women’s success, hailing the success of women leaders, applauding social, economic, cultural and political women role models, celebrating women’s journeys and the barriers they need to overcome and to reinforce and support women’s triumphs.

Janelle Upton, former president of the Salamander Bay Rotary Club, told News Of The Area, ” We are supporting women in crisis with a special lunch at Soldiers Point Bowling Club, with guest speaker Kellie Mills, founder of 100 Alice Stories, as part of International Women’s Day.”

“Ms Mills will be speaking on her journey through domestic and family violence and the healing that she found,” Ms Upton said.


By Jewell DRURY

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