Jaiden Whitton takes first foray into penning and publishing his own book

WHEN Jaiden Whitton finished his first book, a novel targeted to the politically interested, socially conscious reader, he felt such a sense of accomplishment he announced the completion of the book to the media.

With publishers in America offering feedback on some edits, Jaiden hadn’t envisioned the timescale of getting his penned adventure polished to perfection and prepared for publication.

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Some fourteen months later and the finished book is safely in his hands having winged its way up to Coffs Harbour hot off the presses in Sydney.

Jaiden said the journey from writing the last word of his 291-page novel, to getting the copies in his hands, has been a hotbed of learning and lessons in patience and persistence.

“I had to learn about the industry and do a lot of research, but it was all about staying determined and getting experience for the future,” Jaiden told NOTA.

His passion for writing came about in his teen years.

“I always enjoyed creative subjects and storytelling was something I wanted to include in that.

“It was one of the many artistic things I wanted to pursue and make a career out of.”

The idea for his book materialised while he was in high school at St John Paul College in 2011.

There are a lot of discarded drafts, and the novel has been through numerous different versions and changes.

“I became serious about finishing it after seeing recent global events and feeling compelled to write about them.”

Asked if he followed a particular writing routine, Jaiden replied, “I don’t even know what that phrase means.”

The writing process for him was going between surges and halts.

“There were a lot of scenes and ideas I debated over and ultimately cut during editing or reworked.

“I tried to overcome any self-doubt blocks by stepping away and thinking it out while at other times it would pour out.

“I learnt from this project which mistakes and practices not to repeat going forward.

“It’s given me a huge amount of confidence.”

Jaiden described the book as a gritty crime/political thriller with a mesmerising blend of philosophy on the existential, social commentary about recent global events and historical inspiration.

“I think it will resonate with the socially conscious readers I would like to target,” he said.

Jaiden is hoping to finalise local distribution points in the near future.


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