Jamie Culver, Salt Ash, hits some great fishing

Live bait the secret – Jamie Culver with part of the catch.
Live bait the secret – Jamie Culver with part of the catch.


LIVE yakkas (yellowtail) caught around Cabbage Tree Island were the secret of success for two intrepid anglers recently.

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Jamie Culver from Salt Ash and a friend nailed two large snapper and about six smaller ones around Broughton Island but a rising westerly gale made things uncomfortable for them so they headed inshore.

They then took up station between the two bridges at Karuah for some night fishing.

Karuah is a renowned jewfish hot spot, particularly the deep holes in the eddies of the bridge pylons.

Oyster Cove is also popular and indeed the Passage at Lemon Tree itself has been known to yield some very large Mulloway.

The dynamic duo was not to be disappointed as the photo shows.

Large snapper also enter the port in the summer months and old timers still talk of huge fish taken in holes off North Arm Cove and Soldiers Point.

The late Tommy Gavin of Mallabula told of a snapper he caught inside the port which was too heavy for the scales at the old Lemon Tree Passage corner store.

He and his fishing partner George Harper had to cut it in half for the weigh in and it went 26lbs. That’s 11.8 kg.

Anglers wanting to know the weight of big fish don’t need to look for scales. After measuring the fish from its mouth to the fork in the tail, just google: ‘fish length to weight converter’, scroll up the species required and all will be revealed.



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