Karuah Bowls giving their green a break

In my very first report to this paper about Bowls at Karuah I detailed that our “Bowls Year” was cyclic.

This being true now as then, I now have to report that we have reached the end of our 2016 cycle and bowling year.
Our Karuah Club still uses a traditional grass green and urs is widely recognised as one of the best of its type on the mid coast.

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The excellent standard of our grass green is maintained throughout its heavy usage all year by an annual period of regrowth and renewal at this time each year.
Each November/December the Karuah Master Greenkeeper, Leon Post, works his magic on the green.

He cores, top dresses, fertilises, rolls, waters, regrow’s and mows the grass and readies it for another year of heavy use during the next “Bowling Year”.

This annual break from use is an investment in quality that in the next year delivers an as new, excellent surface that will allow true, accurate, and consistent bowling all year.

So, an entire club of like minded lawn bowlers, having competed together, trained and socialised together, and enjoying each other’s company, will be without a home green for almost 2 months.

What on earth might they do after the clubs break up and presentation night at the end of October?
Well the answer of course is “whatever they want to do”!

Some have a complete break from bowls; some go on a road trip or a cruise and some just sit and watch the cricket!

Many who do travel this great land however get to enjoy one of the greatest aspects of our wonderful sport, the hospitality and generous welcome of other bowlers.

Bowling Clubs, although each a bit different, all have a policy of welcoming and including visiting bowlers from other clubs.

This means that a travelling bowler will always be welcomed in other clubs with open arms.

With Bowls Clubs in almost every suburb, village and town, this means that bowlers are made universally welcome, wherever they go.

It’s great to travel around this beautiful country, it’s even better to do it being welcomed and treated with hospitality and friendship by locals wherever you go.

I have said before that Lawn Bowls is a great sport – It’s competitive yet friendly, skilful yet easy to learn; it’s played equally between different genders, age groups and can be played extremely well by people with a wide range of disabilities.

Karuah bowling will recommence in the New Year.

If you would like to try our inclusive yet challenging sport, free lessons are available every Sunday morning once the green reopens.

We have club comps held every Tuesday and Thursday mornings and most Saturdays for bowlers, just call the RSL club to get your name on the list.

Come give bowling a try!

See you at Karuah.

Karuah RSL Men’s Bowls
By Trevor DAVIES

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