Karuah Roos Rugby League beat Singleton

Rugby Leauge on the GO!
Rugby Leauge on the GO!

Karuah Roos

LAST week saw Singleton make the long trip up the freeway to take on the Roos to try and even the score from the first round.

Singleton was the first to put points on the board 6/0.

Karuah’s #10 Jack Croese was quick to even the score with the help of his brother #7 Sam Croese converting the try.

Big hits by Aden Callaghan, Sam Croese, Daniel Evans, Jason Stewart, Ben Langdon. Mitch O’Bryan was flying high and fast with 3 great tackles in a row.

Next to cross the line for the Roos was #1 Luke Perry 10/6.

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Great metres were made by the Roos Luke Chapman, Sam Croese, Ben Langdon, Jack Croese, Mitch O’Bryan, Jason Stewart, Dylan Foley and Mitch Napier.

Half time score was Karuah10 Singleton 6.

Singleton was first to score again in the second half 12/10. And again #10 Jack Croese was over for his second of the day Roos 14 Singleton 12.

Great hits by Ben Langdon, Daniel Evans, Ryan Saunders, Luke Perry, Mitch Napier, Shannon Bills, Josh Page, Dwayne and Dwayne Fleming.

#6 Sam Croese was the next to score and convert his own try making the score Roos 20 Singleton 12. With a great run #4 Ryan Saunders was over and again Sam converted 26/12.

Dylan Foley #5 score his first try of the season and once again Sam’s boot hit the sweet spot taking the Roos to 32/12.

Great runs by Dylan Foley, the work horse Ben Langdon, Jack Croese, Luke Perry, Aden Callaghan, Darren Weatherall, Sam Croese, Mitch O’Bryan and Josh Page.

Finally #3 Josh Page got over the line with #4 Ryan Saunders converting making the final score 38 Karuah 12 Singleton.

Players Player 3 points went to #12 Ben Langdon 2 points #1 Luke Perry and 1 point #10 Jack Croese. Man on the Hill went to #2 Mitch O’Bryan and the Coaches Award #15 Shannon Bills.

This weekend the Roos are away to Thornton Beresfield 3pm kick off Saturday at Lindsey Oval Beresfield. Game Day Sponsor is the Karuah RSL Club.


By Sonja EVANS

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