Kim and Claire Burbridge are chasing some passions through COVID

Kim and Claire Burbridge are all smiles after taking the leap to pursue their passions locally.


THERE’S no doubt the COVID pandemic has severely affected local businesses in their operations by restricting access to interstate and overseas suppliers.

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For many though it’s been a wake up call to start to look locally and even produce services and products closer to home.

Kim and Claire Burbridge, a couple of local creatives, have done just that and it’s been an interesting 2020 to say the least after taking the leap to pursue their passions.

“2020 has been a challenge I think for anyone in the creative industries,” said Kim.

“There’s been so much change and uncertainty around the operations of businesses, events and workshops.

“We took a leap prior to the pandemic with Claire and myself relocating back to the bay from Newcastle to chase some dreams and we haven’t looked back.”

Both Kim and Claire worked in the corporate and public sectors of big business and when their circle expanded to three with the arrival of their first child they knew it was now or never.

“We really had to reevaluate our priorities and with a little family we both thought it was important to just go for it,” said Claire.

“I had my background in Industrial Design and Kim was creating some beautiful artisan jewelry on the side and it was really a no brainer to start to build on our passions.”

Now through the COVID-world they’re finding that a lot of locals are looking to them to fill their design and product needs.

“There’s been an uptick locally by businesses looking for design products for branding and point of sale displays,” said Kim.

“We do all of that locally in our workshop and I think businesses having that knowledge that they’re getting truly locally made products is so important.

“We all have to support each other through this year and now’s the time to start utilising what’s on offer in our backyards.”

The pair hope to impart their knowledge to other local creatives and want to see others tap into their passions to make a living worth scraping for.

For more information and to get the creative vibes flowing search @burbridgeandburke on your favourite social media platform.


By Mitch LEES

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