Koala safety signs directed to be taken down

IT has been a campaign to combat the impact of vehicle strikes on our local koala population.

Casey Freeman and her children created a series of signs designed to bring local drivers’ attention to the presence of koalas, in an effort to see drivers slow down and save the beloved native animal from vehicle strike accidents.

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Now, the handmade fluorescent signs have come under criticism from Port Stephens Council, with the family directed to take them down.

John Maretich, Assets Section Manager – Civil Assets, Port Stephens Council, told News Of The Area, “Driver road safety is taken very seriously.

“The Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has standards relating to roadside signage in particular regulatory signage.

“The regulations are designed to minimise distractions for drivers.

“Council is working on a number of projects to both raise awareness with motorists and also, minimise road strike incidents with koalas.”

It isn’t all bad news however for the family that wanted to create awareness for drivers.

“Council has spoken with the community members and is providing support to find suitable locations for the signs,” Mr Maretich said.

One of the koalas at the Port Stephens Koala Hospital at present is in care due to his second vehicle strike incident.

Koalas have home ranges or territories which they live in and sadly many of our roads cross through koala habitat.


One of the fluorescent signs at night, highlighting the need for drivers to take care on our roads for the sake of our koalas.

2 thoughts on “Koala safety signs directed to be taken down

  1. It is increasingly obvious that Port Stephens council doesn’t care if koalas go extinct or not. Remember when they wanted to sell of the koala corridor at 109 foreshore drive or that time when they sold of the Mambo ecological wetlands to developers. It is heartbreaking for that koala that has been emitted to hospital for the second time for being hit by a car.

    Thank-you to Casey Freeman and her children, if only Port Stephens council could care about the plight of koalas as well.

  2. How ridiculous to take the wind out of the sails of kids with a passion. I hope these kids arent too disheartened and some day advocate for whatever cause inspires them. Perhaps in the local Council? Wonder if their faces will be seen on campaign posters plastered everywhere. Cleary not a distraction!

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