Lake Cathie Raiders Under 16 girls

The Lake Cathie Raiders Under 16 girls side.

AS the Lake Cathie Raiders under 16 girls kick off their new adventure on the soccer field, the arrival of fresh talent brings a revitalising energy to the team, reshaping their interactions on the field and laying the groundwork for an exciting transformation within the group.

Each player’s unique abilities contribute to the collective effort, propelling the team towards new horizons and greater triumphs in the thrilling matches ahead.

The team consists of 13-15-year-old girls (with the majority being 14), including Abbey H, Abby D, Airlie, Aria, Chloe, Elliana, Emma H, Emma W, Hayley, Jarrah, Lilly, Lucy (Goalie), Mimi, Olive, Shelby, Taya, Matilda and Coach Steve.

They still have a couple of years remaining in the U16s group, ensuring continued growth and development within the team.

Sitting in third place on the ladder, the season holds endless promise for the girls as they strive for success.

With most of the girls already playing together in the school soccer team, the blend of familiar faces and fresh talent promises an exciting and rewarding season for the Lake Cathie Raiders Under 16 Girls soccer team.

In an endearing new tradition that has become a highlight for the Lake Cathie Raiders Under 16 Girls Soccer Team, families gather to share a special bonding time during the matches. Bringing along delicious food to be cooked on the sideline while the girls play, the aroma of home-cooked meals fills the air, adding a touch of warmth and comfort to the games.

As the final whistle blows, signalling the end of each match, families and players come together to enjoy a post-game feast, strengthening their connections and creating lasting memories both on and off the field.

This shared experience not only enhances the sense of community within the team but also fosters a deeper bond among families, making each game day a cherished and unforgettable occasion for all involved.

By Annette PAYNE

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