Landholders encouraged to report flood damage

THE NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is encouraging farmers and landholders who have been affected by the recent severe weather and floods to report damage using the DPI’s online survey tool.

CEO of the NSW Rural Assistance Authority (RAA) Sean O’Connell said the Primary Industries disaster damage survey is an online survey that records damage to primary production and animals from natural disasters such as floods, fires and storms.

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“The damage survey allows you to record the number of crops, animals, infrastructure and other primary industries damaged in a single event, add photos to the assessment and see the severity of damage in your area,” Mr O’Connell said.

“With the current conditions, and severe weather predicted in the coming weeks, we are encouraging those people in impacted areas to submit a survey as soon as they are able.”

DPI can view survey information in real time and results are used to determine:
● the area the natural disaster has impacted and the scale of the event
● the severity of the impact
● the value of impact to primary production
● where and what assistance or resources may be needed.

Survey feedback helps the Commonwealth and NSW governments, and communities understand the scale and regional distribution of the impact of a disaster on agriculture and target resources and assistance in an area.

“There have already been reports of damage around the state, so it is important for farmers and landholders to know the survey tool is readily available whenever they need it.

“The survey tool is free to use and only takes a few minutes to complete, affected farmers and landholders can submit their survey on a mobile phone, computer or tablet whenever and wherever they need to.”

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