Letter to the Editor: All-day parking problems

DEAR News Of The Area,

There is a petition circulating around businesses regarding employers and staff working in and around the town centre and the problem of a lack of all-day parking.

It is a basic expectation that people can go to work each day, leaving their car until they finish without the threat of multiple parking fines looming over their heads.

Not everyone can leave their place of business to go shift their car every couple of hours!

It seems at the moment to be the norm to worry all day whether your car has been ticketed while you’re off doing your job.

The petition touches on solutions such as council making more all day parking spaces available and/or giving out permits for employers and their workers to put on the windscreen of their cars while at work, making them safe from parking fines.

I urge all who are affected by this to sign the petition, to be handed into Coffs Harbour Council ASAP.

Sharai HOHNER,
Coffs Harbour.

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