Letter to the Editor: An alternative review of Koala Park progress

DEAR News Of The Area,

IN last week’s NOTA a spokesperson for the Department of Climate Change, Energy and Water reported that work is “well underway” to create the Great Koala National Park.

That came as a surprise to one who follows this issue closely and has observed that the Great Koala National Park assessment process is already behind schedule with meetings and presentations delayed or postponed and the agency reps struggling to get on top of data issues, conservation planning and assessment processes.

A more realistic report on where things are up to with the Great Koala National Park, touted as a flagship and iconic conservation initiative by the state Labor Government before the last election, might run something like the following.

“Well we recognise large areas of the proposal were burnt and we had to ‘salvage’ any timber left in there as well as log the rest first and that’s all well advanced.

“It’s not all bad news, as we have secured millions of dollars to build and rebuild food outlets, glamour campsites and even an outdoor gymnasium.

“Times are otherwise tough though and we have not made any progress as yet to secure any money for rehabilitation of what was once world class habitat.

“We were going to rely on mostly existing data for planning but have found it easier to commission new studies which blow out the timelines, allow more logging and also allow us to withhold release of results until decisions are made.

“And, unlike the other mainland states, it’s taking us some time to work out that the carbon sequestration rules for native forests crafted ten years ago by that farsighted conservationist Tony Abbott are not worth a cracker.”

The truth is sometimes a great disappointment.

Ashley LOVE,
Coffs Harbour.

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