Letter to the Editor: Credit where credit’s due

DEAR News Of The Area,

THERE are those among us who are very quick to whinge and complain, but very slow to pay a compliment when it is due.

Indeed, the national sport is ‘Council bashing’, is it not?

So, when I alerted the local council about a serious trip hazard in the pavement, which a senior gentleman had tripped over, they responded straight away – in the pouring rain!


A council representative promised repairs in a timely manner, and that is happening.

We watched the council workers from behind darkened glass.

These two guys worked harder and smarter than most tradies or those employed in private enterprise.

They never missed a beat.

They never took a break.

They didn’t stand around looking at the job.

They never leant on their shovels for one second.

They were skilled and knowledgeable, careful and considerate.

Their great attitude was on display through their actions.

So, I went out and paid them a compliment, which they were not used to.

That generated so much goodwill on so many levels.

These guys earned it.

I applaud you.

Just for the record, their first names were Adam and Ritchie.

Good onya lads.

Boambee East.

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