LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Development at 3 High St, Nambucca

DEAR News Of The Area,

AS a resident and ratepayer of Nambucca for 23 years, I am concerned about the misinformation being published and put in letterboxes about the proposed development of 3 High St.

It seems the protagonists are totally concerned with views.

Nobody owns a view.

The wording ‘High Rise’ is incorrect.

In fact the building is only three floors stepped down a hill and the top level is one floor lower than the building at 1 High St.

There are no developers involved, but a family unit in which the elderly parents are looking to downsize from their current home in Nambucca.

There seems to be deliberate confusion re Hill St and High St.

In 23 years I have never seen anyone using Hill St, which is no more than a dirt lane, overgrown with weeds.

Not maintained at all.

A precedent was set by council many years back when they sold a sliver of land to 1 High St,
and although agreed 18 months ago to sell off the continuance to 3 High St, as reported in the media, due to council procrastination and ineptitude council is now wanting to retract their consent.

Regarding the drainage, the current house is at least 40 years old, and a new modern build is in itself going to correct most of the drainage issues involved with the and and only resident, a recent arrival of Hill St.

This is an aesthetically pleasing, high end building that I would be happy to call home, unlike the majority of shoddy butterboxes built in Nambucca in the last 20 years.

Lastly may I say that every one of the residents concerned knew of the
zoning of this block of land when they bought their properties.


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