Letter to the Editor: Don’t listen to the crazies

DEAR News Of The Area,

IT used to be that when people with irrational views and ideologies ranted and raved, we were told: “Don’t listen to the crazies”.

It seems that we have entered very bizarre times in which now it seems that governments and policy makers are not only listening to the madness but have become true believers in everything that is absurd.

That we would shut down our timber industry and allow people to become homeless.

That we would stop mining for coal and gas and allow energy prices to skyrocket.

That we would strangle our agricultural industry with bureaucracy and allow a cost-of-living crisis.

Authoritarian regimes around the world are on the move, terrorism is again lurking in the shadows like a hive of cockroaches, and Australia is becoming more divided by the day due to a multitude of minorities with specific agendas that do not reflect an egalitarian society.

We need to get Australia back on track.

We need to ensure that our children have security and prosperity.

We need to ‘Advance Australia Fair’.

Travis WILDMAN,,

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