LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Emotion or dog whistle?

DEAR News Of The Area,

IT was disappointing to read our federal member’s comments on The Voice (NOTA 2/06).

While dismissing high court justice Ian Harrison’s email as emotional, in the next breath he pinpointed Aboriginal violence as the major problem in Darwin.

Dog whistle?

Violence has its roots in poverty and disadvantage.

Does our MP really believe that the status quo should be preserved?

While I doubt that we will see significant change in the short term if the referendum succeeds, it will open the door to future possibilities to be worked out with appropriate care and legislation.

It is not so long ago that allowing women the vote, let alone any sort of advisory voice would have been unthinkable, but equally unthinkable now is the idea that women would not advise the government on issues which concern us.

Appealing to our meanest instincts is distasteful in a politician.I like to think we are better than that.

Margaret ENGLAND,

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