Letter to the Editor: Footpath hazards

DEAR News Of The Area,

THIS is the third time I have warned the council of the dangerous blindspot especially under the train bridge on the highway near the corner of Highway and Park Beach roads.

Yesterday I saw a woman in her eighties with her wheelie walker coming around the corner.

One can only pray there is nobody else coming from the otherside of the blind corner about to have a head on collision with her.

Also this woman with her walker was on her way into town and she could only just safely navigate the pit lid in between Orlando St and the clog barn.

This has to be replaced.

This is not good enough for our older people.

There is a vine hanging over the cycleway along Hogbin Drive to about a metre above the cycleway.

Can this be cut away please?

Thanks to Council for chopping the tree back at Park Beach Reserve.

Yours, aiming to get the job done,

Coffs Harbour.

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