Letter to the Editor: Australia ‘beyond crazy’ not to go nuclear

DEAR News Of the Area,

IN his letter ‘Anti-nuclear nonsense’ (NOTA 14/6/24), Wayne Duesbury is spot-on.

Anyone with a reasonable understanding of electricity knows that wind and solar alone cannot provide power for a modern industrial economy.

Not only do they require huge areas of land, connected by thousands of kilometres of transmission lines, but only generate intermittent electricity for three or four days out of every ten.

If we want low-emission, stable and affordable electricity supply, nuclear is the only way.

It requires no extra land if placed on existing power station sites, and generates constant electricity over ninety percent of the time for at least 60 years.

The current renewables-only plan for net-zero is the biggest threat to Australia’s prosperity since the second world war, and is already doing great economic, environmental and social damage to our country.

Much worse is to come.

I have been a life-long Labor voter, but the wanton and fatuous ignorance displayed by the Albanese government on this critical issue means I will be voting for the Liberal/Nationals, whose nuclear energy policy at least makes sense and is achievable, and is the only way we can get close to a net-zero economy.

Regarding small modular reactors: small nuclear reactors have been operating safely and efficiently for 60 years, powering the global fleet of nuclear submarines.

Development of modular construction methods for land-based versions is well advanced, and commercial production is expected within a couple of years.

Large gigawatt-size reactors, the type that would most likely be adopted in Australia, are a well-proven and mature technology, improving constantly, and operating safely and efficiently in many countries around the world.

Australia would be beyond crazy not to take advantage of this, and avoid more catastrophic damage to our society and environment.

Yours sincerely,

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