Letter to the Editor: Nationals need to answer questions about nuclear

DEAR News Of The Area,

I AM very disappointed that Nationals leader David Littleproud came to Port Stephens to push dangerous nuclear reactors.

Yet he failed to spell out important details of his nuclear policy.

Where will the nuclear reactors be located?

What towns and cities?

What type and size of reactors?

How much will they cost?

What will happen to the tonnes of hazardous, high level radioactive waste generated every year by every nuclear reactor?

Will the nuclear plants become de facto radioactive waste dumps, as is often the case overseas?

What is the risk of radioactive leakages into nearby air, waterways and farmlands?

What is the risk of reactor failures and accidents?

Will any insurance companies insure our homes and communities against the exorbitant cost of nuclear accidents?

Does Mr Littleproud realise that the Hunter region is prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters?

What are the Nationals’ emergency evacuation plans in the event of serious incidents, fires or core meltdown?

How many thousands of residents would be affected?

It’s time the Liberals and Nationals gave us some answers.

Kenneth HIGGS,
Raymond Terrace.

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